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Pocket-Hole Joinery & Kreg Tools

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Hello fellow woodworkers, do-it-yourselfers, beginners, and anyone else who is curious about how pocket-screw joinery and Kreg pocket-hole tools work. This tutorial is for you! Pocket-Screw Joint

A pocket-screw joint is a fast, simple, scalable, strong, and tidy-looking way to join two pieces of wood together. See the example picture at right.

Pocket-screw joinery at itsí simplest terms is drilling a hole at an angle into one workpiece and then joining it to a second workpiece with a self-tapping screw. This technique was actually invented by the Egyptians as they clamped two workpieces together and then bored a hole at an angle from the outside workpiece into the second workpiece. They then inserted a dowel with some glue and cut it off flush with the surface. This technique continued to evolve over the years into two main joinery methods, doweling and more recently pocket-screw joinery. The modern pocket hole joint grew in popularity with the creation of the self-tapping screw in the 1980ís which eliminated the need to drill into the second workpiece altogether.

Some of the advantages of pocket-screw joints

  1. They're amazimgly fast.
    When you donít spend your time clamping, waiting for glue to dry, and wading through complicated math, itís amazing how fast your projects can come together! With Pocket-Screw Joinery you can forget all that other stuff and really have fun with your projects. Try Pocket-Screw Joinery today, and learn what its like to fi nish a project in hours instead of days.
  2. Glue is optional.
    Itís time-consuming, and itís messyÖ but best of all, itís completely optional! Unlike mortise and tenons, dowels, and biscuits, the self-tapping screws inside of every Pocket-Screw Joint hold the stock together without any additional help. For the very first time, if you donít want to use glueÖ you donít have to.
  3. Simple math.
    Put the calculators away, and start building already! With Pocket-Screw Joinery, what you see is what you get, and unlike other techniques, thereís no need to spend all your time calculating stock-overlaps and dry-fi tting individual workpieces. Simple math, fast and accurate results, Pocket-Screw Joinery.
  4. Strength to spare.
    Itís fast, and itís easyÖ but itís also amazingly strong! Unlike other joinery methods, Pocket-Screw Joinery utilizes the mechanical advantage of self-tapping steel screws to maximize your joint-strength over the long haul. Take two pieces of hardwood, and put them together with two or three pocket-hole joints, and you won't be able to break it without a sledgehammer. Itís the same strength that professional woodworkers have counted on for years, and now itís available to everyone.
  5. Thousands of uses.
    Pocket-Screw Joinery can be used in nearly any situation; so whether youíre building a chair, building a cabinet, making repairs to your squeaky fl oor, working with plywood or beautiful hardwood, Pocket-Screw Joinery is always a perfect fit. Whatever it is you need to build, whatever it is that needs to be repaired, Pocket-Screw Joinery can help.
  6. No commitments.
    Donít worry about needing a shop full of clamps or expensive saws and sanders. Pocket-Screw Joinery is amazingly affordable to use, and requires only the simplest of tools. All you need to get started, is a Kreg Jigģ, a drill, and a saw. Happy building!
  7. Half the work.
    Pocket-Screw Joinery saves you time and frustration at every stepÖ or lack of a step. Donít worry about precisely lining up dowel holes, or spending hours cutting a perfect mortise and tenon; just drill the holes, drive the screws, and move on to the next project.
A Kreg Pocket-Hole Joint

You just drill the hole, put the boards together,
drive the screw, and you're done!


Check out some of the applications of Pocket-Hole Joinery

Pocket-Hole Joinery Applications

As woodworkers, trim carpenters, and weekend warriors have been finding outÖ the applications for Pocket-Screw Joinery are nearly endless. Whether youíre fixing, building, or remodeling, Pocket-Screw Joinery will help you do it faster, stronger, and easier. Give Pocket-Screw Joinery a try today and learn what itís like to finish projects in hours instead of days. Weíre confident that youíll soon be looking for more and more ways to use this amazing technique in your next project!

Kreg Tool Company

Now that you understand how pocket-hole joints work, it's time to introduce their inventor, Craig Sommerfeld. Mr. Sommerfeld founded the Kreg Tool Company, which is now the industry leader in pocket-hole joinery.

From hobbyist to professional, whether you want to drill one hole at a time with a hand drill or blow out five at a time with a machine, it's all easy to do with Kreg.

Kreg has produced a number of jigs, tools, screws and machines to help simplify the process of making pocket-hole joints. Endemeo carries just about every Kreg product in inventory at all times, and you can navigate our kreg selection below.

Kreg Pocket-Hole Joinery (122)


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