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Red Bear Tortis™ Pick - B-Style Medium with Speed Bevel


Please call us at (330)277-5000 for any questions regarding this item. Thanks!

Price: $20.00
List Price: $20.00
Item Code: I-RBT-B-MED-SB

This medium-thick B-Style Tortis™ pick sports a speed bevel that helps the pick not to stick on the strings.  The surface is so smooth it looks like glass, and the speed bevel allows it to glide over the strings with ease.  In case you're not familiar with Tortis™ picks in general, your tone starts right here.  These are our favorite flatpicks.  Period.  If you want the hard, crisp sound of a tortoise-shell pick, minus the lots of money typically associated with them, you will love these imitations.  This new material is a polymerized animal protein that is very close chemically to real turtle shell.  You could look at it as cultured turtle-shell.  Try a Tortis™, you won't regret it.
  • B-Style
  • Medium
  • Speed Bevel

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