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Worship Celebration DVD by Moody Video


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Price: $7.95
List Price: $8.99
Item Code: MV-WC

Out of stock
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN-10: 1-57567-286-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-57567-286-1
List Price: $24.99
Format: DVD Video
Languages: English, Spanish
Captions: English, Spanish
Running Time: 110 minutes total

Be a witness to God's majesty and wisdom with rejuvenating passages from scripture and then see his creation through spectacular scenic images and music. Just watching this video is an experience that you won't forget.

In today's hectic world, often the most difficult thing to find is peace. In His Presence and Worship the King will sooth your heart and soul as you listen to passages from scripture and beautiful music, while watching breathtaking images of God's creation. In His Presence invites us to rest in the perfect peace that comes from God our father.

The video is divided into two main sections, Worship the King and In His Presence.

Worship the King begins at daybreak, portraying vivid time-lapse photographs of sunrises and peaceful morning sounds. It then goes on to show some beautiful herds of thousands of sheep grazing in the mountains while playing Be Thou My Vision and reciting Psalm 23. It completes the morning show with an attractive rainbow scene.

Next is time for ocean life. Some truly amazing scenes of underwater coral reefs and all kinds of fish, crabs, seals, sting rays, dolphins, jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks, whales and many other amazing sea creatures. A school of thousands of fish all swimming in unison is truly amazing to watch.

Have you ever seen wind blowing waves across a prairie, an eagle seemingly floating in the sky, rock formations in the desert, wind slowly wandering across a field covered with millions of bright yellow flowers, or time-lapse photography of clouds moving and casting shadows across the immense plain? Watching the wind and weather combined with the effective symphony music in this part is truly a breathtaking experience.

Next is time to soar over vast mountain ranges full of pine trees covered with snow, while singing Oh Lord, You're Beautiful, then suddenly we’re following a hang glider over the mountains and though the clouds, hundreds of feet in the air, over and under the rock formations in the desert, watching in astonishment as the hang glider lands atop a huge rock pillar hundreds of feet up. Huge mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, more amazing rocks, a red sunset, and the hang glider takes off again into the sunset.

There is a time for everything. Now it’s time for peaceful reflections about loved ones who have passed away. A river, a stream, water flowing, fall leaves of stunning colors are descending all around as a narrator recites Ecclesiastes 3: a time for everything. There is a time to be born and a time to die. The scriptures here will touch your heart and solidify in your mind the fact that God loves us and knows what’s best even though sometimes death seems unfair. The leaves are still falling as a soloist does a contemplative rendition of Amazing Grace, with strings and piano backup. The narrator continues with Psalm 115:16, which says “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” This beautiful section finishes with more fall scenes, heart-warming music, and many more awesome promises from scripture about heaven and the death of loved ones. This is followed by some wintertime cinema, and the song Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

During the next few minutes, you'll watch mountain goats with amazing agility bounding up and down the steep sides of rocky hills, volcanoes, a river of lava that melts everything in its path, and then pours into the ocean, a geyser, tropical plants, a rain forest, a time-lapse view of a purple flower opening up, and a huge waterfall in the rain forest.

Then you're in an airplane, flying though a misty tropical gorge, then suddenly, you break out into a huge plain, and you're going over rivers and through valleys with mountains on either side. The scene switches to the ocean, and you’ll watch huge foamy waves smashing into rocks, a pelican, fishing boats at anchor being battered by the waves, a lighthouse on a rock with seagulls all around. You’ll hear the sound of crashing waves, and a choir singing Lord I want to be like Jesus in my Heart.

Worship the King is completed by a dazzling sparkly red sunset on the ocean, a lighthouse in the foreground, a seagull soaring above the surf, sitting on a rock, and then night falls, and Oh Worship the King is sung.

The second main section of the movie, In His Presence, is made in the same style as Worship the King, but with different scenes, music and narration. It has an even more peaceful feel to it, and moves a little slower, but the overall message is similar.

Overall, Worship the King and In His Presence are a very encouraging trip through some of God’s splendid creation. The music is all done delightfully and tastefully, the narrated scriptures are perfect, and the scenes are incredible, but the most important message is in the titles themselves. The highest calling of God's people is to worship their Creator. This Worship Celebration will remind you of the many reasons that God deserves our praise, and leave you with a new wonder and admiration in your heart for the Lord God.

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